NGU Bulletin 450 - 2010

A buried late MIS 3 shoreline in northern Norway - implications for ice extent and volume
Lars Olsen
Page(s): 1-14
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Mesozoic sediments and structures onshore Norway and in the coastal zone
Reidulv Bøe, Håkon Fossen, Morten Smelror
Page(s): 15-32
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Regional similarities in the distribution of well yield from crystalline rocks in Fennoscandia
David Banks, Pål Gundersen, Gunnar Gustafson, Jorma Mäkelä, Geir Morland
Page(s): 33-47
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Geochemistry and palaeogeographical setting of greenstone units on Frosta peninsula, Nord-Trøndelag, Central Norwegian Caledonides
Stephen J. Lippard, David Roberts
Page(s): 48-59
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Early Ordovician ages of zircons from felsic rocks and a conglomerate clast, Frosta peninsula, Central Norwegian Caledonides
L. Peter Gromet, David Roberts
Page(s): 60-64
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