NGU Bulletin 443 - 2005

Jurassic sandstone provenance and basement erosion in the Møre margin - Froan Basin area
Mai Britt E. Mørk, Sverre Ola Johnsen
Page(s): 5-17
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The irregular base Cretaceous reflector offshore Mid Norway: a possible result for the Mjølnir impact in the Barents Sea
Kåre Rokoengen, Atle Mørk, Mai Britt E. Mørk, Morten Smelror
Page(s): 19-27
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Possible Mesozoic sediments in fault and breccation zones in Frøyfjorden, Mid Norway
Reidulv Bøe, Mai Britt E. Mørk, David Roberts, Jorunn Os Vigran
Page(s): 29-35
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Jurassic biota and biofacies in erratics from the Sortland area, Vesterålen, northern Norway
Franz Theodor Fürsich, Elsebeth Thomsen
Page(s): 37-53
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Inferred Mesozoic faulting in Finnmark: current status and offshore links
David Roberts, Stephen J. Lippard
Page(s): 55-60
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Marine microplankton biostratigraphy of the Volgian-Ryazanian boundary strata, western Barents Shelf
Morten Smelror, Henning Dypvik
Side(r): 61-69
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