NGU Bulletin 439 - 2002

Quantitative hardrock hydrogeology in a regional scale
Jiri Krasny
Page(s): 7-14
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Estimating groundwater resources in hardrock areas - a water balance approach
Bo Olofsson
Page(s): 15-20
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Strategies for groundwater prospecting in hard rocks: a probabilistic approach
Gunnar Gustafson
Page(s): 21-25
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Detection of potential pathways for contaminants into the Päijänne Tunnel in Finland
Annukka Lipponen
Page(s): 27-32
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In-situ groundwater flow measurements as a tool for hardrock site characterisation within the SKB programme.
Erik Gustafsson, Mansueto Morosini
Page(s): 33-44
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The Björkö geothermal energy project
Herbert Henkel
Page(s): 45-50
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The importance of hydraulic gradient, lineament trend, proximity to lineaments and surface drainage pattern for yield of groundwater wells on Askøy, West Norway.
Hallstein Lie, Agust Gudmundsson
Page(s): 51-60
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Fracture-generated permeability and groundwater yield in Norway
Agust Gudmundsson, Ingrid Fjeldskaar, Otilie Gjesdal
Page(s): 61-69
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Permeability development during hydrofracture propagation in layered reservoirs.
Sonja L. Brenner, Agust Gudmundsson
Page(s): 71-77
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Radon content in groundwater from drilled wells in the Stockholm region of Sweden
Gert Knutsson, Bo Olofsson
Page(s): 79-85
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The hydrochemistry of crystalline bedrock groundwater in Norway
Bjørn Frengstad, David Banks, Åse Midtgård Skrede, Jan Reidar Krog, Ulrich Siewers, Terje Strand
Page(s): 87-97
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The role of groundwater in the acidification of the hydrosphere - examples from small catchments inthe Bohemian Massif
Zbynek Hrkal, Josef Buchtele, Eeva Tikkanen, Asko Käpaho, Jaromir Santrucek
Page(s): 99-105
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