NGU Bulletin 438 - 2001

Origin of plagioclase-megacrysitic, orthopyroxene amphibolites within a Precambrian banded gneiss suite, Flekkefjord area, Vest-Agder, South Norway.
Torgeir Falkum, Sissel Grundvig
Page(s): 5-13
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The surface of the inland ice in the Atndalen valley, South-central Norway.
Bjørn A. Follestad
Page(s): 15-19
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Methods and stratigraphies used to reconstruct Mid- and Late Weichselian palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic changes in Norway.
Lars Olsen, Harald Sveian, Bjørn Bergstrøm, Synøve F. Selvik, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Øystein Stokland, Kari Grøsfjeld
Page(s): 21-46
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Ordovician stratigraphy in the western Helgeland Nappe Complex in the Brønnøysund area, North-central Norway.
Tom Heldal
Page(s): 47-61
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Urban geochemistry in Trondheim, Norway
Rolf Tore Ottesen, Marianne Langedal
Page(s): 63-69
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