NGU Bulletin 437 - 2000

Field relations and geochemical evolution of the Gothian rocks in the Kvamsøy area, southern Western Gneiss Complex, Norway
Øyvind Skår
Page(s): 5-23
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A possible basement to the Mesoproterozoic quartzites on Hardangervidda, South-Central Norway: zircon U-Pb geochronology of a migmatitic gneiss
Ellen M. Sigmond, Anne Birkeland, Bernard Bingen
Page(s): 25-32
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Depth of extensional faulting on the Mid-Norway Atlantic passive margin.
Jon Mosar
Page(s): 33-41
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Geochemistry and petrogenesis of trondhjemites and granodiorite from Gauldalen, Central Norwegian Caledonides
Bart Pannemans, David Roberts
Page(s): 43-56
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U-Pb age dating and paleotectonic significance of trondhjemite from the type locality in the Central Norwegian Caledonides
Greg Dunning, Tor Grenne
Page(s): 57-65
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Geochemistry and Rb-Sr isochron age of trondhjemite dykes from the Gula Complex, near Snøan, Central Norway.
David Roberts, Bjørn Sundvoll
Page(s): 67-74
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