NGU Bulletin 436 - 2000

Industrian minerals - towards a future growth
Tor-Arne Karlsen, Brian Sturt
Page(s): 7-14
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Natural stone in Norway: production, deposits and development
Tom Heldal, Peer-Richard Neeb
Page(s): 15-26
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An overview of titanium deposits in Norway
Are Korneliussen, Suzanne A. McEnroe, Lars-Petter Nilsson, Henrik Schiellerup, Håvard Gautneb, Gurli B. Meyer, Leif Roger Størseth
Page(s): 27-38
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Rutile in eclogites as a mineral resource in the Sunnfjord Region, Western Norway.
Are Korneliussen, Roger McLimans, Alvar Braathen, Muriel Erambert, Ole Lutro, Jomar Ragnhildstveit
Page(s): 39-47
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Chemical and petrographic characterization of ilmenite and magnetite in oxide-rich cumulates of the Sokndale Region, Rogaland, Norway
Suzanne A. McEnroe, Peter Robinson, Peter T. Panish
Page(s): 49-56
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Granite pegmatite quartz from Evje-Iveland: trace element chemistry and implications for the formation of high-purity quartz
Rune B. Larsen, Mireille Polve, Gunnar Juve
Page(s): 57-65
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The geology, exploration and characterisation of graphite deposits in the Jennestad area, Vesterålen, northern Norway
Håvard Gautneb, Einar Tveten
Page(s): 67-74
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Granåsen, a dolomite-brucite deposit with potential for industrial development.
Odd Øvereng
Page(s): 75-84
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Industrial mineral quality of limestone; the effect of contact metemorphism on textural properties, brightness and geochemistry
Idunn Kjølle
Page(s): 85-92
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Overwiew of talc resources in the Altermark talc province, northern Norway, and possible uses of the talc ore
Tor Arne Karlsen, Edvin Rian, Odleiv Olesen
Page(s): 93-102
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Norwegian anorthosites and their industrial uses, with emphasis on the massifs of the Inner Sogn-Voss area in western Norway
Jan Egil Wanvik
Page(s): 103-112
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Utilisation of sillimanite minerals, their geology, and potential occurrences in Norway - an overwiev
Peter M. Ihlen
Page(s): 113-128
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Economic potential of potassic feldpar-rich gneisses in Tysfjord/ Hamarøy, northern Norway
Tor Arne Karlsen
Page(s): 129-135
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Fabrics and structure of metamorphic flagstones and implications for industrial quality
Tom Heldal, Bjørn Lund
Page(s): 137-146
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Depositional environment and apparent age of the Fauske carbonate conglomerate, North Norwegian Caledonides.
Victor A. Melezhik, Tom Heldal, David Roberts, Igor M. Gorokhov, Anthony E. Fallick
Page(s): 147-168
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The Moyale graphite deposit, Southern Ethiopia
Haile-Michae Fentaw, Seid Mohammed, Nesibu Sebhat, Håvard Gautneb
Page(s): 169-173
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Building stone of central and southern Ethiopia: deposits and resource potential
Haileyseus Walle, Zewde Sintayehu, Tom Heldal
Page(s): 175-182
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Building-stone resources in Eritrea: results from introductory work in the NGU-EGS co-operation programme
Tom Heldal, Ermias Yohannes
Page(s): 183-188
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Mineral characterisation of industrial mineral deposits at the Geological Survey of Norway: a short introduction
Nigel J. Cook
Page(s): 189-192
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Testing of multispectral scanner data for prospecting of ferro-eclogite in the Førdefjord area, western Norway
Bjørn A. Follestad, Are Korneliussen, Nigel J. Cook
Page(s): 193-201
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Lead isotope determinations by inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS): potential of sector field instruments
Belinda Flem, Andreas Grimstvedt, Nigel Cook
Page(s): 202-207
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