NGU Bulletin 435 - 1999

The Ordovician Grøndalsfjell Intrusive Complex: Central Scandinavian Caledonides: field relations, petrography and emplacement
Gurli B. Meyer, Tor Grenne
Page(s): 5-22
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Glacial geology,deglacition chronology and sea-level changes in the southern Telemark and Vestfold counties, Southeastern Norway
Bjørn Bergstrøm
Page(s): 23-42
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Middle and Late Weichselian high relative sea levels in Norway: Implications for glacial isostasy and ice-retreat rates.
Lars Olsen, Kari Grøsfjeld
Page(s): 43-51
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Seasonal variations of fluoride content in groundwater from wells drilled in bedrock
Asgeir Bårdsen, Kjell Bjorvatn, Kari Sand, David Banks
Page(s): 53-58
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Mafic dykes in the Lkesdal Nappe at Sørli, Central Norwegain Caledonides: geochemistry and palaeotetonic implications
Monica Beckholmen, David Roberts
Page(s): 59-67
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