NGU Bulletin 434 - 1998

The Sveconorwegian magmatic and tectonometamorphic evolution of the high-grade Proterozoic Flekkefjord complex, South Norway.
Torgeir Falkum
Page(s): 5-33
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Geochemical modelling of natural geo-/hydrochemical stratification dominated by pyrite ocidation and calcite dissolution in a glaciofluvial Quaternary deposit, Gardermoen, Norway.
Leif Basberg, Atle Dagestad, Peter Engesgaard
Page(s): 35-44
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Groundwater pesticide vulnerability: comparing simple assessment methods.
Ketil Haarstad
Page(s): 45-52
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The Eidsfjord anorthosite, Vesterålen, Norway: field observations and geochemical data.
Gregor Markl
Page(s): 53-75
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Ordovician lithistid sponges and gastropods from the Snåsa limestone, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
David Roberts
Page(s): 77-82
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Petrology and isotope geology of the Hunnedalen Monzonoritic Dyke Swarm, SW Norway: a possible late expression of Egersund Anorthosite magmatism
Cornelis Maijer, Robert Henri Verschure
Page(s): 83-107
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Tectonic setting of the Tronfjell Massif ; further evidence for pre-Scandian orogenesis in the Trondheim Nappe Complex, Central Norway.
Simon Wellings, Brian Sturt
Page(s): 109-115
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