NGU Bulletin 433 - 1997

From Archaean to Proterozoic on Hardangervidda, south Norway
Anne Birkeland, Ellen M.O. Sigmond, Martin J. Whitehouse, Jessica Vestin
Page(s): 4-5
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The Rjukan Proterozoic rift basin, its basement and cover, volcanic and sedimentary infill, and associated intrusions
Ellen M.O. Sigmond, Svein Gjelle, Arne Solli
Page(s): 6-7
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Revisions of the tectonostratigraphy of the Otta - Røros tract
Brian A. Sturt, Donald M. Ramsay, Terje Bjerkgård
Page(s): 8-9
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Ophiolitic ultramafites in the Folldal-Røros tract, and their Cr-(PGE) mineralisation
Lars P. Nilsson, Brian A. Sturt, Donald M. Ramsay
Page(s): 10-11
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The Gudbrandsdalen Antiform - a major Late Caledonian structure
Brian A. Sturt, Donald M. Ramsay
Page(s): 12-13
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Quartsite of Reksdalshesten, Moldefjorden, Western Gneiss Region: another paralllel with Trollheimen
Peter Robinson
Page(s): 14-15

Post-Devonian fracture systems in the Sunnfjord region, onshore western Norway
Alvar Braathen, Helge Henriksen
Page(s): 16-17

A seismic reflection profile from Stjørdalen to Outer Fosen, Central Norway: a note on the principal results
Charles A. Hurich, David Roberts
Page(s): 18-19

Tectnometamorphic evolution of Caledonian allochtons in the Ofoten Synform, northern Norway
Tor Arne Karlsen, Arild Andresen
Page(s): 20-21

Primary isotopic features in metamorphosed Caledonian carbonates: implications for depositional age
Victor A. Melezhik, David Roberts, Boris G. Pokrovsky, Igor M. Gorokhov, Galina V. Ovchinnikova
Page(s): 22-23

Rb-Sr dating of illite fractions from Neoproterozoic shales on Varanger Peninsula, North Norway
David Roberts, Igor M. Gorokhov, Anna Siedlecka, Nikolai N. Melnikov, Tatyana L. Turchenko, Galina V. Konstantinova, Eduard P. Kutyavin, Andrei V. Sochava
Page(s): 24-25

Heavy mineral assemblages in the Neoproterozoic rocks of the Varanger Peninsula, North Norway: a pilot project
Anna Siedlecka, Valery V. Lyubtsov
Page(s): 26-27

Aspects of the geology of the Timans, Russia, and linkages with Varanger Peninsula, NE Norway.
Vsevolod G. Olovyanishnikov, Anna Siedlecka, David Roberts
Page(s): 28-29

Could stromatolite-forming cyanobacteria have influenced the global carbon cycle at 2300-2060 Ma?
Victor A. Melezhik, Anthony E. Fallick, Mikhail A. Semikhatov
Page(s): 30-31

Thrust kinematics in the central part of the Tertiary transpressional fold-thrust belt in Spitsbergen
Alvar Braathen, Steffen G. Bergh, Harmon D. Maher Jr.
Page(s): 32-33

Regional setting of the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb deposit in Nordland,Norway
Terje Bjerkgård, Rune B. Larsen, Mogens Marker
Page(s): 34-35

Ilmenite mineral magnetism: implications for geophysical exploration for ilmenite deposits
Suzanne A. McEnroe
Page(s): 36-37

Composition of volatiles and structural admixtures in quartz in granite pegmatites, Setesdalen, South Norway
Rune B. Larsen, Mireille Polve, Gunnar Juve, F. Poitrasson
Page(s): 38-39

Norway's mineral industry - some statistical information
Peer-Richard Neeb, Tor-Arne Karlsen
Page(s): 40-41

Possibility of enhanced silica dissolution in concrete as in diagenetically altered sandstone
Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans, J.Ben.H. Jansen
Page(s): 42-43

Large rock avalanches in Møre og Romsdal, western Norway
Lars Harald Blikra, Einar Anda
Page(s): 44-45

A post-glacial bedrock failure at Oppstadhornet, Oterøya, Møre og romsdal: a potential major rock avalanche
Peter Robinson, Einar Tveten, Lars Harald Blikra
Page(s): 46-47

The record of avalanche activity: a key for understanding past variability of extreme weather events
Lars Harald Blikra, Eivind Sønstegaard, Asbjørn Rune Aa
Page(s): 48-49

Preliminary report on the research project: Upper and Lower Glomsjø subglacial waterways or open lakes?
Bjørn A. Follestad
Page(s): 50-51

Ice-marginal deposits and deglaciation chronology in Nord-Trøndelag and Fosen, Central Norway
Harald Sveian
Page(s): 52-53

Rapid shifts in glacial extension characterise a new conceptual model for glacial variations during the Mid and Late Weichselian in Norway
Lars Olsen
Page(s): 54-55

Pedogenic magnetic susceptibility in Norwegian paleosols and tills - a tool for stratigraphic correlation and paleorainfall estimation
Lars Olsen
Page(s): 56-57

The interaction of water and dilute sulphuric acid with ore and rock material from selected Norwegian sulphide mines
Rolf Nilsen, David Banks
Page(s): 58-59

The world's northernmost thermal springs? Trollkildene and Jotunkildene, Bockfjord, Svalbard
David Banks, Ronald S. Sletten, Sylvi Haldorsen, Barrie Dale, Michael Heim, Berit Swensen, Ulrich Siewers
Page(s): 60-61

The anionic composition of groundwaters in extensional tectonic environments: the Shira Region, Khakassia, southern Siberia
Valery P. Parnachev, David Banks, Alexander Y. Berezovsky
Page(s): 62-63

Airborne radiation mapping and nuclear hazard evaluation
Mark A. Smethurst, Stig Rønning, Henrik Håbrekke
Page(s): 64-65

Geomedical research at NGU
Bjørn Bølviken, Rolf Nilsen
Page(s): 66-67

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