NGU Bulletin 432 - 1997

Bedrock geology of the Altevatn-Måskanvarri area, Indre Troms, northern Scandinavian Caledonides.
Lars Kristian Stølen
Page(s): 5-23
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Fossils from the Ordovician "Upper Hovin Group" (Caradoc-Ashgill), Trondheim Region, Norway
Robert B. Neuman, David L. Bruton, John Pojeta Jr.
Page(s): 25-58
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Conodonts of Laurentian faunal affinities from the Middle Ordovician Svartsætra limestone in the Trondheim Region, Central Norwegian Caledonides.
Stig M. Bergström
Page(s): 59-69
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A probable Permian hydrothermal alteration age for a quartz syenite dyke from Stabben, Nordmøre.
Brian A. Sturt, Helge Askvik, Bjørn Sundvoll
Page(s): 71-75
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Major element geochemistry of Neoproterozoic successions of Varanger Pensinsula, North Norway, and Sredni and Rybachi Peninsulas, North- west Kola, Russia: provenance patterns and basin evolution
Andrei V. Sochava, Anna Siedlecka
Page(s): 77-93
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U-Pb zircon age of a dolerite dyke from near Hamningberg,Varanger Peninsula, North Norway, and its regional significance
David Roberts, Nicholas Walker
Page(s): 95-102
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The hydrogeochemistry of Norwegian bedrock groundwater - selected parameters (pH,F,Rn,U,Th,B,Na,Ca) in samples from Vestfold and Hordaland, Norway
Geir Morland, Clemens Reimann, Terje Strand, Helge Skarphagen, David Banks, Kjell Bjorvatn, Gwendy E.M. Hall, Ulrich Siewers
Page(s): 103-117
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Numerical modelling of an unconsolidated aquifer, Birkelandsmoen, Sauda, Southwest Norway
David Segar
Page(s): 119-126
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Late-Caledonian structures, differential retrogression and structural position of (ultra)high-pressure rocks in the Nordfjord-Stadlandet area, Western Gneiss Region
Maarten Krabbendam, Alice Wain
Page(s): 127-139
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