NGU Bulletin 431 - 1996

Groundwater transit times in a small coastal aquifer at Esebotn, Sogn og Fjordane, western Norway
Helge Henriksen, Noralf Rye, Oddmund Soldal
Page(s): 5-17
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Structures and metamorphism at Brygfjell-Simafjell within the Rødingsfjellet Nappe Complex, Nordland, Norway
Bjørge Brattli
Page(s): 19-32
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Front variations of outlet glaciers from Jostedalsbreen, western Norway, during the twentieth century
Stefan Winkler
Page(s): 33-47
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Post-Sveconorwegian exhumation and cooling history of the Evje area, southern Setesdal, Central South Norway
Kirsten Hansen, Svend Pedersen, Henrik Fougt, Peter Stockmarr
Page(s): 49-58
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Caledonian and Baikalian tectonic structures on Varanger Peninsula, Finnmark, Norway, and coastal areas of Kola Peninsula, NW Russia
David Roberts
Page(s): 59-65
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Basement-cover relations and Caledonian tectonostratigraphy of Sandsøya, Grytøya, Åkerøya and Kjøtta, Western Gneiss Region, North Norway.
Steve W. van Winkle, Mark G. Steltenpohl, Arild Andresen
Page(s): 67-89
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