NGU Bulletin 427 - 1995

Neotectonics in the Ranafjorden area, northern Norway
Odleiv Olesen, Svein Gjelle, Herbert Henkel, Tor Arne Karlsen, Lars Olsen, Terje Skogseth
Page(s): 5-8
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On the composition, distribution and genesis of continental oxidate sediments
Bjørn Bølviken, Siv Kjeldsen, Rolf Tore Ottesen
Page(s): 9-11
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Quaternary palaeosols in Norway - examples from selected areas
Lars Olsen
Page(s): 12-15
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Bavtajohka Interglacial, the oldest Pleistocene vegetational record from Norway
Lars Olsen, Synøve F. Selvik
Page(s): 16-18
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Deglaciation of the Trondheimsfjord area, Central Norway
Arne J. Reite
Page(s): 19-21
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Large continental rotations during Vendian and Palaeozoic times: a simple geodynamic explanation
Trond Helge Torsvik
Page(s): 22-24
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Stratigraphy of the Otta-Vågå tract and regional stratigraphic implications
Brian A. Sturt, Reidulv Bøe, Donald M. Ramsay, Terje Bjerkgård
Page(s): 25-28
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Regional foliation patterns in gneisses as an aid to the correlation of metasupracrustal units in the Western Gneiss Region, southern Norway
Einar Tveten
Page(s): 29-32
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Geology of the West Troms Basement Complex, northern Norway, with emphasis on the Senja Shear Belt: a preliminary account.
Klaas Bouke Zwaan
Page(s): 33-36
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Pb-isotope constraints on the metallogeny in the Meråker Nappe.
Anne Birkeland
Page(s): 37-40
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N2-CO2-CH4-H2O metamorphic fluids in microdiamondbearing lithologies from the Western Gneiss Region in Norway
Rune B. Larsen, Ernst Burke, Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya, Elizabeth A. Eide, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 41-43
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Isotopic composition, deposition ages and environemnts of Central Norwegian Caledonian marbles
Reidar G. Trønnes, Bjørn Sundvoll
Page(s): 44-47

Caledonian granitoids in the Frøya-Froan area, central Norway.
Øystein Nordgulen, Arne Solli, Bjørn Sundvoll
Page(s): 48-51
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Neoproterozoic sedimentation on the Rybachi and Sredni Peninsulas and Kildin Island, NW Kola, Russia
Anna Siedlecka
Page(s): 52-55
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Carbonate sand deposition along the coast of southern Norway
Dag Ottesen, Reidulv Bøe, Kari Grøsfjeld
Page(s): 56-59
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Deglaciation of the outermost Trondheimsfjord area, mid-Norway
Dag Ottesen, Bjørn Frengstad, Kåre Rokoengen
Page(s): 60-63
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Aspects of the geology of the southwestern Barents Sea from aeromagnetic data
Jan Reidar Skilbrei
Page(s): 64-67
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Structural setting of two Mesozoic half-grabens off the coast of Trøndelag, Mid-Norwegian shelf
Terje Thorsnes
Page(s): 68-71
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Monitoring of a tracer experiment with electrical resistivity at Haslemoen, Hedmark county, Norway
Marian Morris, Jan Steinar Rønning, Ole Bernt Lile, Nils Otto Kitterød
Page(s): 72-74
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The distribution of radioactive fall-out Nord-Trøndelag from detailed airborne and ground-gamma ray spectrometer surveying
Mark A. Smethurst, Eldar Gaare, Conall MacNiocaill, Peter Walker, Patrice de Caritat
Page(s): 75-78
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The Norwegian groundwater monitoring network (LGN): alkalinity trends in selected aquifers from southern Norway during 1980-1990
Patrice de Caritat, Lars A. Kirkhusmo
Page(s): 79-82
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Hydrogeological investigation of water for export from Nordland county, Norway
Arve Misund, David Banks, Patrice de Caritat
Page(s): 83-85
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A groundwater vulnerability assessment of the Korgen waterworks, Lillehammer
David Segar
Page(s): 86-88
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Combined use of common depth point and common offset techniques in shallow reflection seismics
Eirik Mauring, Jan Steinar Rønning
Page(s): 89-91
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Evaluation of geophysical methods for the delineation of bedrock fractures - a case history from Utengen, Hvaler, southeastern Norway
Jan Steinar Rønning, Torleif Lauritsen, Eirik Mauring
Page(s): 92-95
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Statistical methods in geochemical analysis: an important tool for evaluation and quality control of analytical methods and results
Andreas M. Grimstvedt
Page(s): 96-99
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The significance of analytical procedure in geochemical and environmental studies
Magne Ødegård
Page(s): 100-103
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Expanded use of superficial deposit information in local government with geographical information systems
Per Ryghaug
Page(s): 104-107
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The sequential development of magmatic and ore-forming processes in the Fundsjø Group, Meråker district, Central Norway
Tor Grenne, Jan Hertogen, Arne Solli, Anne Birkeland, Eyolf Erichsen, Jan Sverre Sandstad
Side(r): 108-111
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Rutile associated with eclogites in western Norway and scapolitised gabbros in southern Norway
Are Korneliussen
Page(s): 112-115
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Magmatic and detrial pyrrhotite and pentlandite and magmatic troilite from Nordfjellmark, Velfjord-Tosen region, Central Norwegian Caledonides
Lars Petter Nilsson, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 116-118
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Crushed rocks, minerals and mine tailings as sources of potassium in agriculture
Håvard Gautneb, Anne Kjersti Bakken
Page(s): 119-122
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A regional study of the dimension-stone potential in labradorite- bearing anorthositic rocks in the Rogaland Igneous Complex
Tom Heldal, Bjørn Lund
Page(s): 123-126
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