NGU Bulletin 426 - 1994

Weichselian and Holocene geology of Sør-Trøndelag and adjacent parts of Nord-Trøndelag county, Central Norway
Arne Reite
Page(s): 1-30
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The structure and regional setting of the Skei Group, Leka, north-central Norway
Brian A. Sturt, Donald M. Ramsay
Page(s): 31-46
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Present uplift rates and groundwater potential in Norwegian hard rocks
Erik Rohr-Torp
Page(s): 47-52
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Geology of the Folldal area, southern Trondheim Region Caledonides, Norway.
Terje Bjerkgård, Arne Bjørlykke
Page(s): 53-75
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A 3-dimensional, time-variant, numerical groundwater flow model of the Øvre Romerike aquifer, southern Norway
Noelle Odling, David Banks, Arve Misund
Page(s): 77-94
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