NGU Bulletin 424 - 1993

Sub-till sediments at Rokoberget, Southeastern Norway
Kåre Rokoengen, Lars Olsen, Synøve F. Selvik
Page(s): 1-12
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Distribution of 30,000 year-old sand deposits in the northern North Sea.
Kåre Rokoengen, Steinar Gulliksen, Magne Løfaldli, Leif Rise, Hans-Petter Sejrup
Page(s): 13-21
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Structural evolution of the Bergsdalen Nappes, Southwest Norway
Haakon Fossen
Page(s): 23-49

Metamorphic petrology of the Froland corundum-bearing rocks: the cooling and uplift history of the Bamble Sector, South Norway
T.G. Nijland, F. Liauw, D. Visser, C. Maijer, A. Visser
Page(s): 51-63
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Geology and K/Ar chronology of the Målvika scheelite skarns, Central Norwegian Caledonides.
D. Wyn James, John G. Mitchell, Richard Ineson, Øystein Nordgulen
Page(s): 65-74
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Nitrate contamination of groundwater in the Republic of Lithuania
Algirdas Klimas, Bernardas Paukstys
Page(s): 75-85
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