NGU Bulletin 423 - 1992

Petrology and metallogeny associated with the Tryvann Granite Complex, Oslo Region.
Odd Nilsen
Side(r): 1-18
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Strontium isotope composition of the Bindal Batholith, Central Norwegian Caledonides
Øystein Nordgulen, Bjørn Sundvoll
Side(r): 19-39
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Geology of three dioritic plutons in Velfjord, Nordland.
Calvin G. Barnes, Tore Prestvik, Øystein Nordgulen, Melanie A. Barnes
Side(r): 41-54
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Lead-zinc hydrothermal mineralization in the Pechenga Area, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Marat Z. Abyalov, Genrikh I. Ryungenen
Page(s): 55-65
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