NGU Bulletin 420 - 1990

Geological setting of the Pb-Zn-Cu mineralization in the Mjønesfjell area Nordland, northern Norway
Kent Grimm, Henrik Stendal
Page(s): 1-11
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The origin of macrorhytmic units in the Lower Zone of the Lille Kufjord Intrusion, northern Norway.
Brian Robins, M. Gading, M. Yrdakul, S.J. Aitcheson
Side(r): 13-50
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Rb-Sr age of the Blåfjellhatten granite in the Olden Window, Central Norway.
Haakon Fossen, August L. Nissen
Side(r): 51-56
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Aqueous geochemistry of the Romerike area, southern Norway
Per Jørgensen, Arne O. Stuanes, Svein Roar Østmo
Side(r): 57-67
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