NGU Bulletin 419 - 1990

Aeromagnetic and gravimetric interpretation of regional structural features in the Caledonides of West Finnmark and North Troms, Northern Norway.
Odleiv Olesen, David Roberts, Herbert Henkel, Ole Bernt Lile, Trond H. Torsvik
Page(s): 1-24
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A rift-related mafic dyke swarm in the Corrovarre Nappe of the Caledonian Middle Allochthon, Troms, North Norway, and its tectonometamorphic evolution
Bouke K. Zwaan, Herman L. M. van Roermund
Page(s): 25-44
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Geochemistry of mafic dykes in the Corrovarre Nappe, Troms, North Norway
David Roberts
Page(s): 45-53
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Lower and Middle Cambrian trilobits from the Digermul peninsula, Finnmark, northern Norway
Frank Nikolaisen, Gunnar Hemmingsmoen
Page(s): 55-95
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