NGU Bulletin 415 - 1989

Caledonian structural evolution and tectonostratigraphy in the Rombak - Sjangeli Window and its covering sequences, northern Scandinavian Caledonides
Gerhard Bax
Page(s): 87-104
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The Rombak Window, Northern Norway and Sweden
Are (ed.) Korneliussen

The geochemistry of Lower Proterozoic mafic to felsic igneous rocks, Rombak Window, North Norway.
Are Korneliussen, Edward Sawyer
Page(s): 7-21
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The geochemistry of Lower Proterozoic siliciclastic turbidities from the Rombak Window, implications for palaeogeography and tectonic settings.
Edward W. Sawyer, Are Korneliussen
Page(s): 23-38
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Implication of isotope data on the metamorphism of the basic volcanites from the Sjangeli Window, northern Sweden
Rolf L. Romer
Page(s): 39-56
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Interpretation of the lead isotopic composition from sulfide mineralizations in the Proterozoic Sjangeli area, northern Sweden.
Rolf L. Romer
Page(s): 57-69
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Geometry and kinematics of extensional deformation along the northern edge of the Rombak Window, Nordland, North Norway.
Patricia Cashman
Page(s): 71-85
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