NGU Bulletin 413 - 1988

Geology and metamorphic evolution of the Roan area, Vestranden, Western Gneiss Region, Central Norwegian Caledonides.
Charlotte Møller
Page(s): 1-31
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Rb-Sr dating of strain-induced mineral growth in two ductile shear zones in the Western Gneiss Region of Nord-Trøndelag, Central Norway.
M.A.J. Piasecki, R.A. Cliff
Page(s): 33-50
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Kentallenite (olovine-monzonite) in Bindal, Central Norwegian Caldonides.
Øystein Nordgulen, John G. Mitchell
Page(s): 51-60
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Age of the Krossnes Granite, West Norway
Haakon Fossen, Haakon Austrheim
Page(s): 61-65
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Deglaciation chronology in the mountain area between Suldal and Setesdal, southwestern Norway.
Per Blystad, Lotte Selsing
Page(s): 67-92
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The terrane concept and the Scandinavian Caledonides
David Roberts
Page(s): 93-99
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