NGU Bulletin 410 - 1987

Primary and re-equilibrated mineral assemblages from the Sveconorwegian mafic intrusions of the Kongsberg and Bamble areas, Norway.
John D. Brickwood, James W. Craig
Page(s): 1-23

Sedimentary environment and synsedimentary tectonics in the Hattfjelldal Nappe, North-Central Norway.
Winfried K. Dallmann
Page(s): 25-54

Fault systems in Caledonian Finnmark and the southern Barents Sea.
Stephen J. Lippard, David Roberts
Page(s): 55-64

Tysfjord granite and overlying rocks in the area of Linnajavrre, central-north Norway.
Bjørge Brattli, Tore Prestvik
Page(s): 65-72

The geology of Atløy, Sunnfjord, western Norway
Harald Brekke, Per Olav Solberg
Page(s): 73-94

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NGU Bulletin
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