NGU Bulletin 409 - 1987

Tectonostratigraphy and tectonic evolution of the Skånland area, North Norway.
Mark G. Steltenpohl
Page(s): 1-19

Late Eemian and early Weichselian sediments in the Vinjedalen valley, Vossestrand, West Norway
Frøydis Eide, Eyvind Sindre
Page(s): 21-27

Strontium and neodymium isotopic composition of an early tinguate (mepheline microsyenite) in the Fen complex, Telemark, Southeast Norway: age and petrogenetic implications
Tom Andersen, Bjørn Sundvoll
Page(s): 29-34

A contribution to the geochemistry of lakes in Norway
Ralph O. Allen, Eiliv Steinnes
Page(s): 35-48

The Resfjell ophiolite fragment, southwest Trondheim region, central Norwegian Caledonides
Michael Heim, Tor Grenne, Tore Prestvik
Page(s): 49-71

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