NGU Bulletin 404 - 1986

Geology of the Hemnefjord-Orkanger area, south-central Norway.
Robert D. Tucker
Page(s): 1-21

Eidsvoll quarry, Oppdal, South Norway: a one-outcrop model for some aspects of Trollheimen-Dovrefjell tectonics.
Allan G. Krill
Page(s): 23-32

Low-grade metamorphism and its relationship to thrust tectonics in the Caledonides of Finnmark, North Norway
R.E. Bevins, D. Robinson, R.A. Gayer
Page(s): 33-44

Gravity anomalies on Varangerhalvøya, Finnmark
P.N. Chroston
Page(s): 45-56

Three thrust sheets on Hornsnipa, Jotun Nappe Complex, West Norway
Niels Ø. Olesen
Page(s): 57-68

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NGU Bulletin
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Orkdal Aurland