NGU Bulletin 403 - 1985

Lithostratigraphy and correlation of the Archean and Early Proterozoic rocks of Finnmarksvidda and Sørvaranger district.
Anna Siedlecka, Edvard Iversen, Allan Krill
Page(s): 7-36
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Rb-Sr, U-Pb and Sm-Nd isotopic dates from Precambrian rocks of Finnmark.
Allan G. Krill, Steffen Bergh, Ingvar Lindahl
Page(s): 37-54
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Early Proterozoic (c 2000-1900 Ma) crustal structure of the northeastern Baltic Shield: tectonic division and tectogenesis.
Mogens Marker
Page(s): 55-74
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The Early Proterozoic Karasjok Greenstone Belt, Norway. A preliminary description of lithology, stratigraphy and mineralization.
Morten Often
Page(s): 75-88
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Svekokarelian thrusting with thermal inversion in the Karasjok-Levajok area of the northern Baltic Shield
Allan G. Krill
Page(s): 89-101
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Geology of the Iesjav'ri-Skoganvarre area, Northern Finnmarksvidda, North Norway.
Anna Siedlecka
Page(s): 103-112
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Early Proterozoic shallow-marine albite-rich sandstone in the Karasjok Greenstone Belt, Norway.
G. Elvebakk, A. G. Krill, M. Often
Page(s): 113-118
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Geophysical and geological interpretation of regional structures within the Precambrian Kautokeino Greenstone Belt, Finnmark, North Norway.
Odleiv Olesen, Arne Solli
Page(s): 119-129
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Geology of the southern part of the Kautokeino Greenstone Belt: Rb-Sr geochronology and geochemistry of associated gneisses and late intrusions.
Karl Inge Olsen, Kjell S. Nilsen
Page(s): 131-160
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The Caledonian fold belt i Finnmark
David Roberts
Page(s): 161-177
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Age of gneissic rocks in the Caledonian nappes of the Alta district, northern Norway
Brian A. Sturt, Håkon Austrheim
Page(s): 179-181
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Metallogeny of Finnmark, North Norway
Arne Bjørlykke, Svein Olerud, Jan Sverre Sandstad
Side(r): 183-196
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Geochemical provinces in the northern parts of the Baltic Shield and Caledonides: preliminary results.
Rolf Tore Ottesen, Bjørn Bølviken, Tore Volden
Page(s): 197-207
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Evaluation of sand and gravel in Finnmark as a guide to locating deposits suited to building purposes.
Knut J. Bakkejord
Page(s): 209-218
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