NGU Bulletin 402 - 1985

Titanium ores: An introduction to a review of titaniferous magnetite, ilmenite and rutile deposits in Norway
Are Korneliussen, H.P. Geis, E. Gierth, H. Krause, B. Robins, W. Schott
Page(s): 7-23

Ti-Fe deposits in the South Rogaland igneous complex, with special reference to the Åna-Sira anorthosite massif.
H. Krause, E. Gierth, W. Schott
Page(s): 25-37

The Rødsand Fe-Ti-V deposits, Møre, Western Norway
Stephen Sanetra
Page(s): 39-49

The Selvåg deposit: a proterozoic magmatic Fe-Ti-V occurrence on Vesterålen, Northern Norway.
F.D. Priesemann, H. Krause
Page(s): 51-64

Rutile-bearing eclogites in the Sunnfjord region of Western Norway.
Are Korneliussen, Gleny Foslie
Page(s): 65-71

Disseminated Fe-Ti oxides in the Seiland magmatic province of Northern Norway.
Brian Robins
Page(s): 71-95

Fe-Ti Oxides in the Fongen-Hyllingen layered mafic intrusion.
J. R. Wilson
Page(s): 73-78

Fe-Ti-P mineralizations in the Larvikite - Lardalite complex, Oslo Rift.
Per Aksel Lindberg
Page(s): 93-98

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