An introduction to hydrogeological and geochemical models and modelling

This report presents an overview of programs that can be used for analytical and numerical hydrogeological modelling. The overview is not intended to be a complete list but an attempt has been made to include many of the most used and popular program available today within hydrogeological and geochemical modelling. The models listed include those falling into the categories of : groundwater flow models, particle tracking codes, pollution transport and geochemical models in addition to integrated modelling packages, pre- and post-processing programs, pumping test analysis programs and other miscellaneous programs of hydrogeological use. The programs presented are particularly relevant for groundwater and reservoir simulation but should also be of use within soil chemistry, geotechnics, hazardous waste storage (including radioactive waste), domestic waste, acid rainfall and other related problems. The theory behind the fundamental equations of groundwater flow is also presented together with the theory of the numerical finite-difference and finite-element approximations to these equations. An introduction to the practice of groundwater modelling is also presented in addition to references to more comprehensive works.

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