On the importance of gathered current in Turam measurments.

A finite element program for two-dimensional modeling of Turam is described. The program is user oriented and has automatic grid generation. The output includes printout and plots of normalized flux dendities along a surface profile or in a bore hole. It is possible to choose between a plot of the total magnetic field or of the normalized magnetic field, i.e. of the ano- malous field. The program has been used to simulate three-dimensional models. This has been achieved by specification of the total current through the conductor in relation to the total current through the half space. By reducing the amount of current in the conductor, a reduction of the length of the conductor is simulated. Examples which demonstrate the effect on the anomaly curves are given. By reducing the gathered current (also called conductive current), the electromagnetically induced edge current will dominate the anomaly curves. A case history is also given.

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