Ilmenite deposits and their geological environment. With special referende to the Rogaland Anorthosite Province. Including a geological map at scale 1:75 000 and a CD with a guide to the province

Genesis of magmatic oxide deposits - a view from the Busveld complex
Grant Cawthorne
Page(s): 11-21

Titanium deposits in Ukraine focused on the Proterozoic anorthosite-hosted massifs.
Dmitry Gursky, Sergey Nechaev, Alexander Bobrov
Page(s): 21-26

Links between the Proterozoic anorthosite-rapakivi granite plutons and ore-forming events in the Ukrainian Shield (ores of titanium, uranium, rare metals and gold).
Sergey V. Nechaev, Viktor G. Pastukhov
Page(s): 27-33

Do Fe-Ti oxide magmas exist? Geology: Yes; Experiments: No!
Donald H. Lindsley
Page(s): 34-35

Some results on the role of P, T and fO2 on ilmenite composition.
Jacqueline Vander Auwera, John Longhi, Jean-Clair Duchesne
Page(s): 35-37

The nelsonite problem: an origin by melt immiscibility
Anrdrzej Kozlowski, Janina Wiszniewska
Page(s): 37-39

On ilmenite and rutile ore provinces in Norway, and the relationships between geological process and deposit type.
Are Korneliussen
Page(s): 40-41

Ilmenite-zircon relationships in meta-anorthosites. Example from the Bergen Arc (Caldonides of W Norway) and implications for zircon geochronology.
Bernard Bingen, Håkon Austrheim, Martin Whitehouse
Page(s): 41-42

Evidence from Re-Os for the origin of sulphide concentrations in anorthosites.
Judith L. Hannah, Holly J. Stein
Page(s): 42-45

Effect of mineralogy and texture of sand and hard-rock ilmenite in TiO2 pigment production by the sulphate process, a case study on Australian ilmenite concentrate and Tellnes ilmenite concentrate, Norway.
Tegist Chernet
Page(s): 45-46

Parallel Re-Os isochrons and high 187 Os/188O Os initial ratios: constraints on the origin of sulphide-bearing anorthosite systems.
Holly J. Stein, Judith L. Hannah, John W. Morgan, Anders Schersten
Page(s): 47-50

Sveconorwegian rejuvenation of the lower crust in South Norway.
Tom Andersen, William L. Griffin, Norman J. Pearson, Arild Andersen
Page(s): 51-53

Thermal modeling of the metamorphism of the Rogaland granulites.
John C. Schumacher, Mathias Westphal
Page(s): 53-55

Re-Os dating of the Ørsdalen W-Mo district in Rogaland, S Norway, and its realtionship to Sveconnorwegian high-grade metamorphic events.
Bernard Bingen, Holly Stein
Side(r): 55-57

Tectonic setting of the Egersund-Ogna anorthosite, Rogaland, Norway, and the position of Fennoscandia in the Late Proterozoic.
Laurie Brown, Suzanne McEnroe, Mark Smethurst
Page(s): 58

Sulphides in the Rogaland Anorthosite Province.
Henrik Schiellerup, David D. Lambert, Brian Robins
Page(s): 58-60

Fe-Ti-V-P deposits in anorthosite complexes: the bearing of parental magma composition and crystallization conditions on the economic value.
Jean-Clair Duchesne, Jacqueline Vander Auwera
Page(s): 60-61

Whole-rock geochemistry of the Bjerkreim-Sokndal layered series: bearing on crystallization processes of cumulus rocks.
Bernard Charlier, Jean-Claire Duchesne
Page(s): 62-64

Relationship between the layered series and the overlying evolved rocks in the Bjerkreim-Sokndal intrusion, southern Norway
J. Richard Wilson, Gitte Overgaard
Page(s): 64-65

SEM elemental mapping and characterisation of ilmenite, magnetite and apatite from the Bjerkreim-Sokndal layered intrusion.
Håvard Gautneb
Page(s): 65-68

LA-HR-ICP-MS studies of ilmenite in MCU IV of the Bjerkreim-Sokndal intrusion, SW Norway
Gurli B. Meyer, Joakim Mansfeld
Page(s): 68-69

Geochemistry and mineralogy of the Tellnes ilmenite ore body
Kåre Kullerud
Page(s): 70

Emplacement mechanism of the Tellnes ilmenite deposit (Rogaland, Norway) revealed by a combined magnetic and petrofabric study.
Oliver Bolle, Herve Diot, Jean-Marc Lambert, Patrick Launeau, Clair Duchesne
Page(s): 71-73

Could the Tellnes ilmenite deposit have been produced by in-situ magma mixing.
Peter Robinson, Kåre Kullerud, Christian Tegner, Brian Robins, Suzanne McEnroe
Page(s): 74-76

Preliminary melting experiments on the Tellnes ilmenite norite from 0.5 to 1.2 Gpa: implications for the composition of intercumulus melt
Kjell P. Skjerlie, Kåre Kullerud, Brian Robins
Page(s): 77

Concentration of ilmenite in the late-Sveconorwegian norite-anorthosite Hakefjorden Complex, SW Sweden
Hans Årebäck
Page(s): 77-80

Gabbro-hosted ilmenite deposits in Finland
Niilo Kärkkäinen
Page(s): 80-82

The Grenville Province in Canada
Serge Perreault, Claude Hebert
Page(s): 83-84

A study of mineral compositions of the Lac Mirepoix layered complex, Lac St-Jean Anorthosite Complex (Quebec, Canada)
Caroline-Emmanuelle Morisset
Page(s): 84-85

The 974 Ma Vieux-Fort Anorthosite, Lower North Shore, Quebec: the youngest anorthosite in the Grenville Province
Serge Perreault, Larry Heaman
Page(s): 86

Contrasting styles of Fe-Ti mineralization in the Have-Saint-Pierre anorthosite suite, Quebec's North Shore, Canada
Serge Perreault
Page(s): 87-90

Cambrian titaniferous paleoplacers metamorphosed during the Taconian Orogeny, Quebeck Appalachians
Michel Gauthier
Page(s): 91-93

Areas in eastern Europe. Ilmenite deposits and mineralization in alkaline and subalkaline magmatic complexes of the Ukrainan Shield
Stepan G. Kryvdik
Page(s): 94-95

The gabbro-anorthosite massifs of the Korosten Pluton (Ukraine) and problems concerning the evolution of the parental magmas.
Alexander Mitrokhin
Page(s): 96-97

First approach to the petrology of the Kamenka peridotite-anorthosite intrusion
Leonid Shumlyanskyy
Page(s): 97-98

Ti, Mg, and O isotopic compositions in ilmenites from Ukrainan ore deposits as indicators of their crystallization conditions.
Petro I. Didenko, Stepan G. Kryvdik, Vasyl M. Zagnito
Page(s): 99-100

Ti, V, Pd and Au in Travyanaya Bay ore peridotites and their possible genetic relation with Belomorian Mobile Belt anorthosites.
Vladimir S. Stepanov
Page(s): 101-102

Precambrian anorthosites in the Belomorian Mobile Belt, eastern Fennoscandian Shield.
Vladimir S. Stepanov, Alexandra V. Stepanova
Page(s): 102-104

Subduction-related leucogabbro-anorthosite ilmenite-bearing series: an example of water-rich high-temperature anatexis, platinum belt of the Urals, Russia.
German B. Fershtater
Page(s): 104-106

The Riphean layered intrusions of the Western Urals and related ilmenite-titanomagnetite deposits.
German B. Fershtater, V. V. Kholodnov
Page(s): 107-108

Rogaland Anorthosite Province - Syntheses. Introduction to the geological map of the Rogaland anorthosite province 1:75,000
Mogens Marker, Henrik Schiellrup, Gurli Meyer, Brian Robins, Oliver Bolle
Page(s): 109-116

Mineral resources in the Rogaland Anorthosite Province, South Norway: origins, history and recent developments.
Henrik Schiellrup, Are Korneliussen, Tom Heldal, Mogens Marker, Terje Bjerkgård, Lars-Petter Nilsson
Page(s): 116-134

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