Geology of the eastern Finnmark - western Kola peninsula region

Proceedings of the 1st International Barents Symposium 'Geology and minerals in the Barents Region', Kirkenes, Norway, October 1993
Correlation of the Archaean rocks between the Sørvaranger area, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula, Russia (Baltic Shield).
Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya, Øystein Nordgulen, Valery R. Vetrin, John Cobbing, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 7-27

U-Pb Zircon ages from Sørvaranger, Norway, and the western part of the Kola Peninsula, Russia
Oleg A. Levchenkov, Lev K. Levsky, Øystein Nordgulen, Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya, Valery R. Vetrin, John Cobbing, Lars Petter Nilsson, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 29-47

Aspects of Late Archaean magmatism in the Sørvaranger-Kola terrane, northern Baltic Shield
Øystein Nordgulen, Valery R. Vetrin, Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya, John Cobbing, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 49-63

The pyroxene-bearing tonalite-granodiorite-monzonite series of the northern Baltic Shield: Correlation and petrology
Valery R. Vetrin, Øystein Nordgulen, John Cobbing, Brian A. Sturt, Larissa F. Dobrzhinetskaya
Page(s): 65-74

Geochronology of Palaeoproterozoic layered intrusions and volcanites of the Baltic Shield.
Tamara B. Bayanova, Yury A. Balashov
Page(s): 75-80

The Early Proterozoic Pasvik-Pechenga Greenstone Belt: 1:200 000 geological map, stratigraphic correlation and revision of stratigraphic nomenclature
Victor A. Melezhik, Brian A. Sturt, V.A. Mokrousov, Donald M. Ramsay, Lars Petter Nilsson, Yuri A. Balashov
Page(s): 81-91

Stratigraphic position, geochemistry and genesis of volcanic associations of the Early Proterozoic Pechenga area
V.F. Smolkin, Peter K. Skufin, V.A. Mokrousov
Page(s): 93-110

Geology of the Poritash volcanic centre; new results
Peter K. Skufin
Page(s): 111-116

The largest Early Proterozoic greenstone belt in the north- eastern Fennoscandian Shield: palaeotectonic significance
Victor A. Melezhik, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 117-118

The significance of the contact relationship of the lower formations of the Petsamo Supergroup
Brian A. Sturt, Vicroe A. Melezhik, Donald M. Ramsay
Page(s): 119-120

Regional lineaments of eastern Finnmark, Norway, and the western Kola Peninsula, Russia
M. Ridvan Karpuz, David Roberts, Valery M. Moralev, Evgeni Terekhov
Page(s): 121-135

Regional lineaments of eastern Finnmark, Norway, and the western Kola Peninsula, Russia. I Geology of the Eastern Finnmark - Western Kola peninsula region, red.: Roberts, D. & Nordgulen, Ø.
M. Ridvan Karpuz, David Roberts, Valery M. Moralev, Evgeni Terekhov
Side(r): 121-135

Digital processing of sarewllite lineament data from the Karasjok- Kittila-Keret Greenstone Belt for gold mineralisation potential
Valery Moralev, Evgeni Przhijalgovsky, Oleg Sheremet
Page(s): 137-143

Structural features of the Rybachi and Sredni Peninsulas, northwest Russia, as interpreted from Landsat-TM imagery
David Roberts, M. Ridvan Karpuz
Page(s): 145-150

Structural and geophysical characteristics of the Trollfjorden- Komagelva Fault Zone, Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway
M. Ridvan Karpuz, David Roberts, Tore Herrevold, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Odleiv Olesen
Page(s): 151-152

Structural investigations along the Poritash Fault Zone, NW Kola Peninsula, Russia, and NE Finnmark, Norway
Valery M. Moralev, Evgeni Terekhov, M. Ridvan Karpuz, David Roberts
Page(s): 153-154

Environmental studies in the Nikel-Zapolyarny region of Northwest Russia employing satellite imagery
M. Ridvan Karpuz, David Roberts
Page(s): 155-156

Some new aspects of geology, deep structure, geochemistry and geochronology of the Lapland Granulite Belt, Baltic Shield
Nikolai E. Kozlov, Anaid A. Avedisyan, Yury I. Balashov, Andrei A. Ivanov, Alla D. o.a. Kamenskaya
Page(s): 157-166

Three-dimensional modelling of the Lapland Granulite Belt and adjacent structures of the Baltic Shield from gteophysical data
Alexander F. Buyanov, Victor N. Glaznev, Felix P- Mitrofanov, Alexei B. Raevsky
Page(s): 167-178

U-Pb age of gabbro-anorthosite massifs in the Lapland Granulite Belt
Felix P. Mitrofanov, Victor V. Balagansky, Yuri A. Balashov, Ludmilla F. Gannibal, Valentina S. Dokuchaeva, Luydmila I. Nerovich, Margarita K. Radchenko, Genrich I Ryungenen
Page(s): 179-183

Granites from the base of the Lapland Granulite Belt as a geochemical analogue to the Rapakivi-type granites
Evgeni Terekhov, Valery Levitsky
Page(s): 185-192

Karasjok-Belomorian parautochton (2.2-1-9 Ga) and some aspects of structural and geochemical eeworking of rock complexes
Evgeni Przhijalgovsky, Evgeni Terekhov
Page(s): 193-200

Upper Proterozoic Turbidite System of the Rybachi Peninsula, northern Russia - a possible stratigraphic counterpart of the Kongsfjord Submarine Fan of the Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway
Anna Siedlecka, Vladimir Z. Negrutsa, Kevin T. Pickering
Page(s): 201-216

Correlation between Upper Proterozoic successions in the Tanafjorden-Varangerfjorden Region of Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway, and on Sredni Peninsula and Kildin Island in the northern coastal area of Kola Peninsula in Russia
Anna Siedlecka, Vladimir Z. Negrutsa, Valery V. Lyubtsov
Page(s): 217-232

Correlation of stromatolitic formations of northern Norway (Finnmark) and northwestern Russia (Kildin Island and Kanin Peninsula)
Maria E. Raaben, Valery V. Lyubtsov, Alexander A. Predovsky
Page(s): 233-246

Principal features of the structural geology of Rybachi and Sredni Peninsulas, Northwest Russia, and some comparisons with Varanger Peninsula, North Norway
David Roberts
Page(s): 247-258

Very low-grade metamorphism of Upper Proterozoic sedimentary rocks of the Rybachi and Sredni Peninsulas and Kildin Island, NW Kola region, Russia
Hugh Rice, David Roberts
Page(s): 259-270

Petrochemistry of the Upper Precambrian deposits from the Sredni and Rybachi Peninsulas and comparison with correlative sequences from the Timans and Urals
Andrei V. Sochava
Page(s): 271-283

Phosphorites of the Upper Proterozoic sediments of the Sredni, Rybachi and Varanger Peninsulas
Vladimir Z. Negrutsa, Aleksei A. Basalaev, Igor V. Chikirev
Page(s): 279-305

Major element geochemistry of Upper Proterozoic greywackes from from Norway and a coastal area of the Kola Peninsula in northern Russia
Anna Siedlecka
Page(s): 285-296

40Ar/39Ar laser microprobe analyses and geochemistry of dolerite dykes from the Rybachi and Sredni Peninsulas, NW Kola, Russia
David Roberts, Tullis C. Onstott
Page(s): 307-314

Palaeomagnetic data from sedimentary rocks and dolerite dykes, Kildin island, Rybachi, Sredni and Varanger Peninsulas, NE Norway: a review.
Trond H. Torsvik, David Roberts, Anna Siedlecka
Page(s): 315-326

Biostratigraphy of Kildin Island and the Sredni and Rybachi Peninsulas, Kola, northwest Russia - preliminary results
Joakim Samuelsson
Page(s): 327-329

A Rb-Sr study of multistage illite generation in shales of the Pumanskaya and Poropelonskaya Formations, Sredni Peninsula, NW Kola Region
Igor M. Gorokhov, Tatiana L. Turchenko, Alexander V. Baskarov, Evgeny P. Kutyavin, N.N. Melnikov, Andrei V. Sochava
Page(s): 330

Neoproterozoic sedimentation and subsequent tectonic deformation in the northern coastal areas of Norway and Russia
Anna Siedlecka, David Roberts
Page(s): 331-332

Electrical profiling by the MISC and Slingram methods in the Pechenga-Pasvik area
Abdulkhay A. Zhamaletdinov, Jan S. Rønning, Yuri A. Vinogradov
Page(s): 333-338

Geoelectrical investigation with the 'Khibiny' source in the Pechenga-Pasvik area
Abdulkhay A. Zhamaletdinov, Jan S. Rønning, Yuri A. Vinogradov, Ole B. Lile, Alexander D. Tokarev, Valery F. Smolkin
Page(s): 339-347

Surface density characteristics of the Baltic Shield and adjacent territories
Larissa D. Galitchanina, Victor N. Glaznev, Felix P. Mitrofanov, Odleiv Olesen, Herbert Henkel
Page(s): 349-354

Detecting conductive bodies and anisotropic conductivity using ground-penetrating radar
Jan Steinar Rønning, Eirik Mauring, Abdulkhay A. Zhamaletdinov
Page(s): 355-356

Geochemistry and sulphur isotope characteristics of the sulphidic black shales from the Pechenga Group, Kola Peninsula, Russia: Implications for genesis of the sulphide mineralisation
Marat Z. Abzalov, Ross A. Both, Timothy S. Brewer
Page(s): 357-369

Isotopic and palaeotectonic constraints for the formation of Pechenga ultramafic-hosted Ni-Cu ores
Victor A. Melezhik, Anthony H. Green, Stanislav V. Sokolov, Lyudmila N. Grinenko
Page(s): 371-372

Nickel-copper exploration along the extension of the Pechenga Zone in Pasvik, Norway
Daryl J. Hodges
Page(s): 373-374

Mineral deposits of the international 1:250 000 map sheet Kirkenes
Gunnar Juve, Leif Roger Størseth, Valery R. Vetrin, Lars Petter Nilsson
Page(s): 375-378

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