Data acquistion and processing - Helicopter geophysical surveys, Larvik, 1998

In september, 1998, two helicopter geophysical survey were carried out over parts of Larvik and Porsgrunn municipalities. The purpose of the survey was to provide geophysical information to improve geological mapping in the area. A combined total of 3684 line-kilometres of VLF, radiometric, and magnetometric, and VLF data were collected in June, 1997, in a test area east from Larvik. The 1997 survey covered approximately 64 square km with a 100-m line spacing. In both areas, the average flying height was 80 m above ground level. The data were collected by Geological survey of Norway (NGU) personnel and processed at NGU using software developed by Geosoft, Inc. Magnetic data, consisting of total field measurements collected by a cesium vapor magnetometer, were leveled by removing diurnal variations as recorded at a magnetic base station at an airfield near Larvik. Radiometric data were reduced using standard procedures recommended by the International Atomic Energy Association. All data were gridded using square cells with 30-m sides. The grids produced by three surveys were stiched together, and geophysical maps were produced at a scale of 1:50 000. This report covers aspects of data acquisition and processing. In order to examine structures in Eidangerfjord, the magnetic data from this area has been gridded separately and maps were produced at scales for 1:25 000 and 1:10 000.

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