The bedrock geology of Varanger Peninsula, Finnmark, North Norway: an excusion guide

Forkortet: The Varanger Peninsula is underlain by weakly metamorphosed sedimentary rocks of Late Proterozoic to Early Cambrian age. The rocks occur in two regions: the Tanafjorden-Varangerfjorden Region (TVR) (southwestern half of the penin- sula) and the Barents Sea Region (BSR) (northeastern half), juxtaposed along a complex NW-SE-trending fault zone, The Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault Zone (TKFZ). The BSR is considered to have been brought to its present position largely by dextral strike-slip translation along the TKFZ.
Sedimentological and stratigraphical studies of two cores from the Skagerrak.
Per Jørgensen, Helmut Erlenkeuser, Heinz Lange, Jenø Nagy, Jan Rumohr, Friedrich Werner
Page(s): 397-414

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