ATLAS - Geological history of the Barents Sea

The geology of the region, which still today represents exploration frontiers, is illustrated by a series of geophysical and paleogeographic maps, which are based on the integrated knowledge from Russian and Norwegian institutions.

The paleogeographic map span from the Early Devonian to Eocene times, and are supplemented by geophysical maps and cross-sections showing the present day architecture.

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  • Valeri A. Basov, VNIIOkeangeolgia, Jörg Ebbing, NGU, Laurent Gernigon,
  • NGU, Marianna V. Korchinskaya, VNIIOkeangeologia, Tatyana Koren,
  • VSEGEI, Natalia V. Kosteva, PMGRE, Galina V. Kotljar, VSEGEI,
  • Geir Birger Larssen, StatoilHydro, Tamara Litvinova, VSEGEI,
  • Oleg. B. Negrov, VSEGEI, Odleiv Olesen, NGU, Christophe Pascal, NGU,
  • Tatyana M. Pchelina, VNIIOkeangeologia, Oleg V. Petrov, VSEGEI,
  • Yugene O. Petrov, VSEGEI, Hans-Ivar Sjulstad, NPD, Morten Smelror, NGU,
  • Nikolay N. Sobolev, VNIIOkeangeologia, Victor Vasiliev, VSEGEI,
  • Stephanie C. Werner, NGU

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