The Alice Wain Memorial West Norway Eclogite Field Symposium, abstract volume

This report contains the scientific program and abstract volume for the lectures and posters presented during the Alice Wain Memorial West Norway Eclogite Field Symposium. The lecture and field symposium, held in Selje from June 21st-28th, 2003, focuese on the dynamic processes of high- and ultrahigh- pressure metamorphism and exhumation of eclogites and associated rock tupes. The Symposum commemorates the outstanding to contributions to west Norway eclogite research by the late Dr. Alice Wain , whose life was tragically ended by a fatal field vehicle accident in Scotland early in 2000. Thew main symposium themes cover micro- through macro-scale processes and include topics of mineralogy, geochemistry, microstructures, geochronology, field relationships and exhumation mechanisms, and klinetic and thermodynamic considerations of HP-UHPM rocks. The organising committee for the symposium, headed by Prof. Tony Carswell (Sheffield University) with logistical support from the Geological Survey of Norway in Trondheim, is held under the auspices of the Task Group for ILP Project III-8 on "Processes and Geodynamics in the formation and Exhumation of Ultra-High Pressure Metamorphic Terranes" and the International Eclogite Conference Committee. The abstracts presented in this volume exemplify the international interest in and broad spectrum of these HP-UHPM rocks and their roles in understanding lithosphere dynamics.

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