Airborne mapping of radioactive contamination. Results from a test in Finland, RESUME95

The Geological Survey of Norway participated in the exercise RESUME95 (Rapid Environmental Surveying Using Mobile Equipment 95) in Finland, during August 1995. The purpose of the exercise was to (1) test preparedness in the Nordic countries for accidents involving the release and dispersal of radioactive material, (2) compare results from the different teams participating in the exercise, (3) establish routines for the exchange of data and (4) investigate the possibility of international assistance in the event of nuclear accidents. The Geological Survey of Norway carried out a survey over three test areas (area I,II and III). All three areas were contaminated with man made radionucleides in the days following the Cernobyl nuclear reactor accident. The Cesium-137 contamination level was reported to be about 50 kBq/m² in area I and this area was used for calibration. In area II mapping of Cesium-137 ground concentration was carried out. Detection of hidden artifcial radiation sources were the main purpose in area III. This report describes the exercise - RESUME95, field operations, calibration, mapping of Cesium-137 ground concentration and detection of hidden point sources. Results are presented as colour maps.

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