Aggregate investigations in the Gulestø area in Bremanger.

As a commissioned project for NOR Engineering AS/Bremanger Aggregates AS NGU has made a preliminary examination of Devonian sandstones in an area to the west of Gulestø in Bremanger municipality. NGU has collected and analysed a number of samples from this area. The area appears to be interesting on the basis of earlier analytical results in the neighbourhood, and because the natural conditions are appropriate for establishing a large coastal aggregate quarry. Large-scale extraction of aggregates requires sufficiently large volumes of reserves. A proposal for an extraction plan employs a volume of approximately 165 million tonnes. The reserves, however, are much larger, and the possibility for an extension of the reserves demonstated is good. Because requirements vary with regard to both the area of use and the European country concerned, it is difficult to give an overall appraisal of the quality of the rock type at Gulestø. In general, the quality is considered as very good. The analysed samples show particularly good PSV(*) and Los Angeles values, fulfilling virtually the strictest demands placed on road with high traffic loads. The appraisal has been made in realtion to the quality requirements for building raw materials in England, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway.

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