About NGU

NGU is the national institution for the study of bedrock, mineral resources, surficial deposits and groundwater.

The Geological Survey of Norway proudly bears its long history and traditions into the future.
We put geology on the centre of the public agenda. We ensure the transfer of knowledge
needed for wise decisions and coherent actions that will benefit Society.
And we will continue to do so.

NGU is a government agency under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

NGU actively contributes to the goal of using geological knowledge towards achieving an efficient and sustainable management of Norway's natural resources and its  environment. NGU's expertise has also been used in international aid projects. As a research-based government agency,  NGU serves as the authority to provide information on geoscientific matters to other government agencies. 

NGU's mission is to collect, process and disseminate knowledge and information about the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of the country's bedrock,  surficial deposits, and ground water. NGU will endeavor to give priority to their users' need for:

  • the production, operation and maintenance of national databases and maps of geological structural features, properties, and processes. 
  • geological maps of Norway's land and marine areas.
  • applied research and advanced methods.
  • advice and information

In 2019, NGU had an annual budget of 254 million crowns (Nkr) , which includes a 181 million state grant from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The remainder was derived externally through cost-sharing partnerships and contractual agreements. As a government agency, NGU follows the code of ethics set out for all government agencies. Approximately 65 percent of NGU's 200 employees are researchers.

The Geological Survey of Norway in brief

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