20.03.2015 / 08:30

20.03.2015 / 18:00

Young Trondhjemites 2015

Foto: Aziz Nasuti, NGU

We would like to invite you to attend Young Trondhjemites 2015; a postgraduate and early career geology conference to be held at NGU on 20 March.

This one day event, to be run in English, has been created as an opportunity to meet other geologists at the postgraduate/early career level, broadcast your field of research, invite feedback and collaboration on your projects, get to know what other research is happening in Trondheim, and to learn something new.

The day will run from 08:30 until the evening, and include presentations, poster sessions, a series of workshops (ranging from hard rock and mineral geology, to marine geology and geophysics, as well as poster and presentation skills) and fun activities, with snacks, lunch and dinner included, all for the low price of 150kr! 

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