July 6th 2017

Supporting cooperation between laboratories

Worth its weight in gold: It is still uncertain what proportion of the total grant NGU will receive, but the joint programme will now receive substantial support. Photo: Cecilie Bjerke
The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 1 billion to fund research facilities, laboratories, equipment and databases. The Geological Survey of Norway participates in one of the infrastructure projects that will receive support.

In total, 19 projects that the Council identifies as of crucial importance for trade and industry, health services, the environment and renewable energy have made it through the eye of the needle. NGU collaborates with NTNU on a project entitled  "Norwegian Laboratory for Mineral and Materials Characterisation".

"We are keeping up the momentum in research infrastructure funding. These investments play a crucial role in giving our companies a competitive advantage and enabling our research groups to work at the cutting edge internationally,” says Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H) in a press release from the Research Council of Norway.

The Council has now invited these 19 projects to contract negotiations. 12 have not received previous infrastructure funding from the Research Council, while 7 have been granted support to upgrade and further develop existing infrastructure.

Half a year ago, NGU began cooperation with NTNU on research and development in the area of mineral deposits and mineral characterisation. Cooperation was advanced though the application progress, which has now resulted in a grant from the Research Council.

This is the fifth time that the Council has granted funds under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure (INFRASTRUKTUR), an  initiative which grants funds every two years. The competition for this year's funding was keen, with 92 project proposals seeking a total of NOK 5.7 billion.