April 30th 2014

New seabed sediment map for the Barents Sea

The new map “Seabed sediments of the Barents Sea” has been published.
Senior geologist Aleksandr Rybalko, SEVMORGEO and GIS specialist Aave Lepland, NGU work with merging Russian and Norwegian datasets and sediment classification schemes during the work session at SEVMORGEO in St. Petersburg in December, 2013.

The new map “Seabed sediments of the Barents Sea” has been published on www.ngu.no, www.mareano.no and www.BarentsPortal.com. This map, covering the entire Barents Sea, has been compiled in collaboration between the Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim (project leader Aivo Lepland), and JSC "SEVMORGEO", St. Petersburg (project leader Aleksandr Rybalko) in the frame of the Norwegian-Russian Environmental Commission Workplan for 2011-2013 and 2013-2015.

Numerous earlier published and unpublished Norwegian and Russian seabed reports and maps have been utilized in the compilation, and the existing maps have been modified using bathymetric data from IBCAO and OLEX.The Norwegian Hydrographic Service has provided access to the bathymetric data. The seabed sediment map will serve as basis for other maps and various applications including environmental studies and habitat modeling.

The map can be freely used for noncommercial purposes under the condition that the bibliographic reference is given: Lepland Aivo, Rybalko Aleksandr & Lepland Aave 2014: Seabed Sediments of the Barents Sea. Scale 1:3 000 000. Geological Survey of Norway (Trondheim) and SEVMORGEO (St. Petersburg).