August 16th 2016

MAREANO chemistry data accessible

A multicore with samples of sediment from the ocean floor.
MAREANO chemistry data can now be downloaded from the MAREANO website. Chemistry data from the marine sediment samples collected from 2006 to 2013 are available in a single Excel data file.

Additional chemical data are included for sediment samples collected by the Institute of Marine Research in 2003 and 2004 in the Barents Sea. The data file includes geographical coordinates, sediment grain size, a range of organic pollutants, metals and radionuclides. 

Selected sediment cores  have been dated using the Pb-210 isotope, and these results are also included. The data file can be downloaded from The database will be updated in January each year.

Contact person at Institute of Marine Research is Stepan Boitsov.

An example of geochemical mapping in MAREANO program. Here, the distribution of arsenic in the samples.

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MAREANO maps the bathymetry, seafloor conditions, biodiversity, geodiversity and sedimentary contamination along the Norwegian coast and sea areas.