September 20th 2019

Here’s the Man’s story

Mannen "the Man" towers 1294 m.a.s.l. over the village of Romsdalen. High up the mountainside, we see the path followed by Veslemannen "the little Man" rockslide. Raumabanen railway tracks can be seen in the foreground of this photo. Photo credit: NGU.
Veslemannen, the unstable section of Mannen mountain in the village of Romsdal, Norway, has now collapsed. There is evidence of numerous landslides in the past.

Surveillance activities at Mannen over the past five years revealed recurrent rockfall events in response to heavy rain.  This resulted in frequent evacuations of those living near the base of the mountain and authorities often closed the Raumabanen railway line.  

There is no indication of major landslides near the village of Romsdal in modern times, but after several seasons of fieldwork researchers unexpectantly found evidence of a few ancient rockfall events. These include three landslide events at Mannen near the last ice age. Also, further landslide mapping activities have produced evidence of another three to six landslide events that occurred about 5000 years ago.  

Last year another secret of the mountain was exposed. Chemical analyses and the mineral composition of the gneiss suggests that Mannen mountain was built from the bottom-up, 30 kilometres deep in the Earth's crust at a temperature of over 800°C.  

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A large section of Veslemannen, "Little Man".
Early September, a large section of Veslemann "Little Man" collapsed, running down the mountain slope in the direction of the village of Romsdal, Norway. The photo above was taken near at the site about a year ago. Photo: Iain Henderson 

Relaterte prosjekter

The project "Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Unstable Slopes in Møre and Romsdal" has the goal of systematically mapping all unstable rock slopes in Møre and Romsdal County, Norway.