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Conference on drilling program at sea

Icebreaker Vidar Viking on site during Expedition 302. Photo: D. McInroy©ECORD/IODP

We cordially invite representatives from academia and industry to Trondheim for a 2-day long colloquium on International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) research. 

The International Ocean Discovery Program (2013 – 2023) built upon the international partnerships and scientific success of the programs Deep Sea Drilling Program (DSDP) og Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), by employing multiple drilling platforms financed by the contributions from 26 participating nations.

Three platforms – the JOIDES Resolution, the Japanese Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU, and specialized Mission Specific-platforms - were used to explore “the Earth under the Sea” during many expeditions over the last decades.

New achievements

Many Norwegian scientists have contributed to the success of the various DSDP-, ODP- and IODP-programs and have published and presented their results on numerous occasions. However, a common arena in Norway for presenting and discussing new achievements within IODP is still lacking.

JOIDES Resolution will at the end of the current program sail towards the high northern latitudes again, and many initiatives are currently discussed and drilling proposals prepared in Norway.

With the first IODP colloquium in Norway, the organizing committee aims to establish a common arena for Norwegian scientists, industry representatives, students, and program representatives to present results from recent IODP expeditions, discuss key scientific results based on IODP borehole material, and create a forum for new IODP drilling proposals lead by Norwegian scientists.


The registration fee is 1000 NOK per person and includes:

  • Lunch 29th and 30th October
  • Conference pizza 29th October
  • Conference programme book

The conference programme

Read more on the conference flyer

Please fill inn the registration form below. It is still possible to sign up for the conference, but the deadline is set to sign up for posters or presentations. Please note that the registration is binding and that payment must be received very soon. Please make your own accommodation arrangements during the conference. The registration fee does not cover any accommodation costs.

Wished contribution type (the number of participants is limited, priority will be given to those coming with a contribution). If you checked poster or oral presentation as wished contribution type, please provide a summary of your work (100-400 words, no figure allowed). The collection of abstracts will be provided to all the participants. If your abstract includes special notations (mathematical, chemical), you can send a version to the conference e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding the registration, please contact: or