The Central Kola Expedition

The Joint Stock Company «Central Kola Expedition» (CKE) is a mining geological enterprise carrying out different geological research projects and exploration/exploitation projects in the Murmansk and North Karelia regions of northwestern Russia.

The main geological exploration projects involve geological mapping at different scales, prospecting and appraisal of deposits of Fe-, Cr-, Ti- and Mo-ores, colour-, rare- and noble-metals, diamonds, and decorative stones. In addition, hydrogeological and ecological investigations, and environmental monitoring projects are undertaken (e.g., the Kola Ecogeochemistry Project in collaboration with Finland and Norway).

The most commonly applied methods are:

  • mapping using remotely sensed data
  • geophysics (magnetic and gravity surveys, electrical surveys of different types, borehole geophysics)
  • geochemistry
  • drilling
  • analytical work
  • data processing

    Funding is obtained both from the Federal budget and from contracts with different organisations of the Murmansk region (including main mining companies) and other regions of Russia. During the last few years, CKE has carried out numerous contracts for Finnish, Norwegian, Australian and USA companies.

    The exploitation works include mining of decorative stone deposits.

    CKE consists of several departments:

  • regional works
  • prospecting and researching works
  • drilling works
  • mining
  • mechanical survey
  • service survey

    Since 1995, CKE is a Joint Stock Company of the «open type», the founders of which are the working staff of CKE, the Severonikel Company, J/S OLKON, North Mining Company, and Monchebank. Also, the CKE is the founder of two joint enterprises: the Russian-American North Mining Company and the Russian-Finnish Kola Mining.

    The staff of CKE is 325-330 workers, including 160-165 engineers and technicians. During field season, 50-60 temporary workers are engaged additionally.

    Komsomol'skaya 23
    RUS-184280 Monchegorsk
    Murmansk Region

    Ph: +7-81536-23436
    Fx: +7-51295-14147

    General Director
    Oleg Jaroslavovich Darkshevich
    Ph: +7-81536-31827

    Chief Engineer
    Vladimir Petrovich Dubjagin
    Ph: +7-81536-31766

    Chief Geologist
    Viktor Aleksandrovich Chapin
    Ph: +7-81536-31609