29.11.2018 / 10:00

30.11.2018 / 12:30

Launch of the Norwegian Ground Motion Service

Average rate of subsidence from 2015 to 2018 in Trondheim.

Norway is a very stable country. Or is it? In fact many things that appear to be stable are actually moving, but we don’t notice it.

The ground expands and contracts with the seasons, due to changes in temperature and moisture. Buildings, bridges, roads and railways shift and settle due to the soft ground underneath them. Mountainsides may creep slowly and silently downwards for hundreds or thousands of years before collapsing catastrophically. Like the rising global temperatures, many of these movements are infinitesimal: only millimetres or centimetres each year. Nonetheless, the cumulative effect of these movements can be disastrous.

The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian Space Centre are launching the Norwegian Ground Motion Service. Using images acquired every six days by the European Copernicus Programme Sentinel-1 satellites, we can now measure and continuously monitor all of these movements to within one millimetre per year at more than three billion locations in Norway. This service is free to all; government, industry and citizens.

This workshop is aimed towards all professionals that might be interested in this broadly applicable new service to help monitor the movement of earth surface features: both natural and “made”. The workshop will highlighting the potential of these data. You will have an opportunity to meet the core technical team, find out how you can access and use these data, view examples of how they are produced and discover how this data is already used in the operational workflows of many organizations.

The workshop takes place at NGU in Leiv Eiriksson's Road 39 in Trondheim.


  • Thursday, November 29, 10:00 - 12:30 (mostly in Norwegian)

Launch of the service, with focus on government applications of the data.

During the morning, you will hear presentations from May Britt Myhr, Director of the Geological Survey of Norway, Christian Hauglie-Hanssen, Director of the Norwegian Space Centre, and representatives of government sectors responsible for transport and geological hazards.

  • Thursday, November 29, 14:00 - 17:00 (in English)

Continued launch of the service, with focus on downstream and science applications.

We will begin the afternoon with a short English summary of the morning session. This will be followed by presentations related to the use of the service within industry and research. Case examples will be presented by several industry representatives, as well as the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

  • Friday, November 30, 9:00 - 12:00 (in English)

International perspectives.

The workshop will continue on Friday, with a focus on related European activities. You will hear presentations from Pierre Potin, ESA’s Sentinel-1 mission manager, about the Copernicus Programme and the Sentinel-1 satellites. Henrik Steen Andersen, from the European Environmental Agency will talk about the upcoming European Ground Motion Service. There will also be presentations about similar initiatives by other European countries.

Lunch will be served on both Thursday and Friday. On Thursday evening, we will be hosting a social event in the city, where you will have an opportunity to mingle with both the development team and other users.


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