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The Kola bibliographic database: a literature database accessible via Internet.

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  • The principal aim of the bibliographic database is to offer (1) an overview of the existing knowledge about pollution, environmental disturbances and their effects, and (2) a documentation of the natural geochemical variations in the Kola Peninsula area, by a collecting as many relevant publications as possible
  • In addition to all the publicly available scientific literature in English, the database contains English translations of titles and abstracts of selected publications in Russian, Finnish, German and Norwegian
  • The database is intended to assist scientists and policy-makers to better understand and interpret environmental challenges in parts of the Barents region

    The selected references in the database have the following limitations:

  • Geographic area: the land area of the central Barents region (see map) extending from Finnmark (northeastern Norway) in the west to the western Kola Peninsula (Murmansk County, northwestern Russia) in the east, southward to the Arctic Circle in Lapland (northern Finland)
  • Subjects: published as well as unpublished references on studies of pollution, heavy metals, trace elements, radioactivity, and isotopes in various media within the above area

    Mikhail V. Kozlov and Elena L. Zvereva (University of Turku, Finland) have provided access to the Russian literature and translated titles and abstracts of relevant Russian references collected by them in Russian libraries and through personal contacts. English translations of Russian publications can be ordered from them.

    In addition, findings from the following international databases are included in our database:

  • NTIS

    The database contains more than one thousand references from the area. The Kola-literature database is accessible via Internet now, where it is available for free text search using your browser's FIND function.

    Further information on the bibliographic database, please contact Jo H. Halleraker.

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